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May 06, 2023
"Run Away!"
I have been an interval member since 2010 and will no longer renew after years of limited inventory, low-quality offerings, and the virtual impossibility of booking a resort at a time and location of my choosing. Be prepared to get on a long waiting list if you want a popular destination like Hawaii.

I regret my timeshare purchase partly because of Interval and its associated fees. Interval fees: Yearly renewal ~$160 Booking fees ~$280. That means Interval costs a minimum of $440 a year to maintain and book one stay. Add in Timeshare maintenance fees of $1100 and the cost of lodging is almost $1,600! The same $1,600 with Airbnb gets me a week of my choosing (2 months out) in Hawaii, with a large inventory to choose from.

Do yourself a favor. Do not join or renew Interval. You are better off renting out your week and taking the cash to purchase a vacation where you want when you want.
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April 06, 2023
"The worst experience ever"
The worst experience ever. Everytime I use my exchange, I have to pay $280 something for the service fee. To exchange my one bedroom resort in Maui, with a 3 star hotel in the US, cost me money. Absolutely the most rotten deal ever!!!
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April 06, 2023
"Never ever get a timeshare or use Interval International"
Never ever get a timeshare! In the 20 years of ownership, I have regretted the day I signed. The lies and deceit used to sell "a dream vacation" is a reoccurring EXPENSIVE nightmare. Interval never has properties available and they kill you with fees. The offer extra gift weeks that are unusable unless you want to
go to the middle of no where in Finland in February. How do I get rid of this holiday nightmare? customer service staff are unhelpful and just a waste of time. especially the ones who respond to email requests.
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April 02, 2023
"Big Scam, Nothing as promised."
This time share purchase was a big scam. We are dreading attending the presentation and purchasing the points. There no decent resort available at any decent time, whatever the time you look. The person who gifted us the resort certificate, must've have sold his points and given his certificates, because he is not able to get a resort booking. The initial presentation was all glamours and heart warming, but the reality is totally the opposite.
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April 01, 2023
"My new husband needs a guest certificate to use my timeshare"
I hope you are reading these reviews before you signup, because the one star reviews are all spot on. I signed up for Interval years ago before you could read reviews and WISH I would have had this information then.

I'm almost to the end of using my timeshare and I will say it was handy to bank my timeshare. BUT as time went on, I discovered that due to the low quality of many of the resorts you can probably book them cheaper on their site than using the nickel - dime game you have to play with Interval.
When I bought the timeshare, it was with my ex, if my new husband wants to go to a resort without me, we have to buy him a GUEST Certificate for $79.00.
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March 19, 2023
"Absolutely No Value"
Very limited options and most are low-budget, poorly-rated properties. In addition to the booking fee, almost every property they offer is all-inclusive. You can actually get better prices (and better service) by booking direct. IF, that is, you want to book any of the sub-par properties they offer.
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March 16, 2023
"I'd give less than one star if I could"
I'd give less than one star if I could. Since Marriott bought Welk Resorts and the roll over points went to Interval International instead of RCI, I have not been able to book a stay and the cost for exchange went from $99 with RCI to $229 with Interval. Very dissatisfied with every aspect of this experience.
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March 15, 2023
"I've been a member since 2019 never got…"
I've been a member since 2019 never got any customer service. Paid so much money and got nothing. f these punks. tired of money grabbing companies that do nothing.
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March 07, 2023
"I am a Platinum member of Interval and…"
I am a Platinum member of Interval and I want to tell you. DO NOT BECOME A MEMBER OF Interval. They are a corrupt organization designed to steel your money as well as your identity. Every time I use them my credit card gets compromised. Their website is extremely difficult and they always want more money. Run don't walk away from these people.
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March 02, 2023
"This company sucks"
This company sucks. No customer service. They only want your money. Do not do business with them.
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February 18, 2023
"There are better options available."
Interval is probably one of the worst companies when it comes to timeshares. You can never get the resorts you are looking for, and if they have any availability in the area you are interested in it is usually at an resort that is inferior to what you traded. Best to keep your reservation and use something like Redweek.
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February 16, 2023
"Rude Customer Service"
Called customer service for information about an exchange, the rep I spoke to was beyond rude. They need better customer service training.
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February 02, 2023
"Interval is such a joke"
Interval is terrible. My parents own a timeshare with Marriott Bonvoy and they converted points to Interval for some unknown reason. Interval charges so many fees for anything you do. Not only that, you can't use hotel points if you have a resort timeshare and no where on the website mentions this until after you book. I actually booked a place in Melbourne and they charged over $200 in fees (including using the points), then they contacted us saying not allowed hotels. The website is also terrible - like HTML from the 90's. It actually is a legal form of scam. This website should be shut down.
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January 21, 2023
"Extremely disappointed with their…"
Extremely disappointed with their service. They do no stand behind their promises and only care about how much money they can bilk out of you with fees. If you have a problem with these guys, forget it. You are on your own. I am 20+ year member with these guys and it means nothing to them. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!
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December 27, 2022
"I'm being generous"
I'm being generous. Run, don't walk, away from anything having to do with Interval International. They make everything having to do with timeshare ownership worse. Sad but true.

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